Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Good Life Lesson

Nothing crafty going on here this week.
We are going camping this weekend and so I've been getting ready.
Mentally mostly as it's been 12 years since the last time we camped!

Our son Adam will turn 13 on Saturday and he's been wanting to camp since forever.
And so, for him, we are doing it!

I've avoided it for years but now that it is planned I'm looking forward to it.
Adam is a sweet boy and I'm excited to live in dirt for him!! ;)


I also want to share an experience we had today.
It really effected me and was a good reminder in life.

To preface, there was a commercial I may have been for insurance.. it was one of the ones where the commercial really had nothing to do with the product, but they were sending a good message.
It showed a woman doing something nice for someone, someone sees the act of kindness and they in turn show kindness to someone else and so on until I think the original woman is the recipient of some else's act of kindness.

So, today.

We had just had a frustrating experience at the DMV.


Didn't think so.

Anyway, we decided to stop at McD's for lunch.

As we were walking toward the door a man pulls up in his car.
He hops out and kinda does a slow jog toward the door.

He gets to the door maybe 2 seconds before us, opens the door, walks in and lets the door close in our face.

Now maybe I'm a stickler for manners or expect too much from strangers but in my book if someone is literally right behind you at the door, you hold it for them.

It was obvious to all four of us that he jogged to the door in order to get in before us.
Now, that's not a big deal to me.  I get it. 
He's one guy obviously in a hurry and we are a family of four.
And it is 1pm and somewhat busy.

But to let the door go like that?
That is what really got to me.

That is what really got to me after having a crappy time at the DMV.

So, next we are at the register ordering.
We seem to be ordering with the manager.
The manager who doesn't seem to get how his register works very well.
Oh, and then there is the machine six feet away blending coffee drinks and is so loud you have to stop talking to let it stop cuz nobody can hear you when it's running.

I was not a happy girl.
As a matter of fact I was getting unusually annoyed.

As the rude guy walked by me to leave...and I half thought of flipping him the hit me.
Had he just held the door open...he could have held it for my husband so that he could still have ordered before us...I wouldn't have walked in already irked.
At him.

Well, I would still have been bugged by the DMV, but the little act of rudeness just added a little to my mood.

Now, I fully accept responsibility for my own feelings and don't _blame_ the rude guy for my annoyance, but it fully taught me that my sometimes self-involved actions could effect someone else who may also have just been to the DMV or even have way worse life situations.

I'm a true believer in being nice.
I like helping a stranger with the door, picking something up that someone always leads to a smile (well usually) and it makes me feel good.
And I hope it makes them feel good, too.
I had never thought about or experienced what happens when the random act is rude.

So sorry.
This is getting (getting?  gotten!) way too long.

Bottom line here is that just as a random act of kindness gets passed on, so can a random act of rudeness.
And either one can get passed on with differing effects.

Well, I just wanted to share this thing from today.
Sometimes it's the opposite lesson that has the true impact and proves the point.

And hey, rude guy.
I forgive you and thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kickin' It Old School Style!

In the interest of full disclosure I have to be honest.

I believe it is all of our best interest that I just be forthcoming.

I'd hate to think that I might lead someone on here and cause disappointment.

I would feel very, very sad if anyone felt they had been misled.

So, ready?

The truth is I am the old fashioned kind of crafty person

My tools are basic: hot glue gun, scissors (straight and pinking sheers), hole punch (single and three hole), Sharpies, sewing machine (I have one which doesn't translate into knowing how to use it at the moment), staple gun......uuummmmmmmmm...I think that covers the basics.

What I mean to say here is that I don't have a vinyl cutting machine or a serger or actually any crafting gadget that's come out in the 21st century.

So, what you see here is all me, baby.

And when you see something that looks poorly executed (and you will!) remember my limitations and be kind! ;)

Believe me, it's not that I don't want them, oh no!!  It's just that our current financial status is such that this type of expenditure would no doubt send my sweet husband to divorce court. 

Thank you for letting me share and get this off my chest!!

And because I think posts with pictures are way more interesting, I found a picture of a book in which I believe I would have all the right tools!!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Candle Holders....Revealed!

Good Morning!!  

I hope that your Saturday is dry, not too hot....or shaky!! :)

We are experiencing the "too hot" part!!  But I'm staying comfortable and I'll share my secret......housework is a no-no as is any movement not necessary to staying cool.  I find napping next to the fan to be especially comfortable. :) 

And please feel free to quote me to your in "Honey, I just read on the internet...." ;)

But I did manage to fix up these bad boys!!

I want to give a special Thank You to Mrs. Micawber for the suggestion of white!!

I had thought of black, as it is neutral, but white never crossed my mind.

However, it is PERFECT!!!!

First let me share one of my All Time Favorite Things..... 

Handy Sprayer!
If you like to spray paint things and don't have a paint sprayer and rely on the spray paint department (like I do!) please buy one of these.

You will thank me!!!

So anyway, I set the candle holders up on my special spray painting stands.

Paint cans....they're not just for holding paint anymore!!

From the first touch of paint I could tell it was gonna be great!

And they are!!! 

 They have the perfect look now and looked so fabulous for the party!!

I went for an all-white look on the table and it had such a fresh feeling!!

The vase is a cute "milk glass" (I don't really know what that is so I must put it in quotes. :)) number that I picked up at a thrift store.  

I cut some roses off our Cabbage Rose bushes and put it all on this aqua fabric that I use for all sorts of things!  Last night it was a runner of sorts! :)

The white is so nice!!!
  You can't really tell, but I have a lot of colors out on our patio.  You can see a little bit at the top of the above photo...but we have bright green plastic chairs, some bright colored tissue paper pom-pom garlands and that felt flower bunting so the white was the perfect, elegant-yet-casual touch.

Thank you again so much Mrs. Micawber for the suggestion!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Am Stumped!

So, I picked up these little cuties at Savers a month or so ago.

I love that they are low...nothing like having tall candlesticks with tall candles to make people head-bobble to make eye contact!!

However, I keep looking and looking at them to no avail....I have no idea what to do with them!!

I tend to go for color but I think they would look wrong in aqua...or red....

Then I think I'll just redo them in silver to clean them up cuz they are kinda nice this way but do need a little love.

Then, I figure since I'm going metallic is there another metallic that might work??

We are having an "I Survived Vacation Bible School Celebration" party this Friday night at our house and I'd like to make the table pretty......with candle sticks!!! :)

Any suggestions?
What would you do if these were yours???

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Birthday Centerpiece Becomes a Learning Opportunity

So, I had an idea.
It was my mom's birthday and we were headed to the Natural History Museum to check out their latest dinosaur exhibit.
It was my mom and dad, me and my 2 kiddos and one of my sisters her two kiddos and a boyfriend.
Since we would be having lunch together I wanted to make the table special as my mom always does stuff like that.  :)

I'd seen these online:
And I thought my mom would really appreciate it and it seemed portable as I'd have to bring this with me into the museum.

So, I headed to Dollar Tree!
I thought I'd see the foam spheres there and they always have tons of flowers and pedestals/candle holders.
I figured I could make do.

Well, I found cone shaped foam and pink and green roses.

K, I can deal.

Then I bought 3 glass candle holders, 2 rounded votive holders and 2 small round glass candle plates.

I had a vague idea of what I was gonna do with this stuff.  Some sort of flower centerpiece and 2 plates on pedestals.

And if you are an experienced crafter with glass you have already realized my fatal error! :)

So, I cut apart a few of the roses and started gluing from the bottom up starting with the green.

I was still unsure what this was turning into but I forged ahead!

So I got to the top with the pink and then went back and added in petals to make the layers a little closer together.  Then, I cut a circle of felt to fit the bottom and hot glued that onto the bottom.  I then hot glued the  whole thing to one of the glass candle holders.

But don't believe this picture cuz I flipped the candle holder the right way after this picture.

I know, I'm a bad photojournalist. 

But I did get a pic of this while I was crafting...

Our bunnies laying out by the pool!!!

Anyway, then I played around with the other two candle holders, plates and votive holders.

I finally settled on one plate glued straight on the candle holder and for the other one the votive holder glued to the candle holder then the plate glued on top of that.
Then I lightly glued paper doilies to each plate.

The morning of the museum trip I packed it all up into a backpack along with some homemade chocolate chip cookies and a little tablecloth.

Here's a bit of what we saw:

I am apparently not as much of a museum goer as I'd like to be.
You can repackage a bunch of bones into a brand new room and put up all sorts of neat and informative plaques and I'm still just gonna walk around looking at the bones, not reading anything and be ready to go in about 20 minutes.
I'm like this at the zoo, too.
Give me an art or textile museum any day!!

K, so it was time for lunch.
We walked over to the Discovery Science Center cuz they have a McDonald's and a Taco Bell and we had kids. :)
While everyone ordered I stayed at the table and set up.
This is where my fatal error was discovered.

Yea, the tall pedestal broke off the plate.

But the short one was still good so I still ended up with the staggered look with one on the table!

I was kinda bummed about it all and didn't take a pic of it there but I did a reenactment on my patio...

Oh yes, and I had made this little garland thingy with those metal and paper tag thingys.

So yea, in all it worked and the failure part worked out and I learned that I need another kind of glue.

Lordy this was long!!
I wish the payoff was better, but maybe this will inspire something and if it does let me know!!
Something good should come out of this!!

And my mom loved it, btw!!!

Moms are good like that aren't they??

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Proud Mommy Am I!

I know some parents puff their feathers for great SAT scores.
Some are at every game cheering on their super star.
But me?
I'm bursting my buttons about this!!

My lovely, sweet, talented, beautiful daughter crafted this egg carton!!!

See, we have two chickens.
Yea, you can have them here in SoCal!!
Anyway, we wanted to give some to my parents but didn't have anything to give them in
I thought of wrapping them carefully in a brown paper lunch bag.
But, six wrapped eggs are kinda big.
So, Crafty Daughter found this bottom part of a shoebox, got the tissue paper and went to town!
She padded the bottom with some crumpled tissue paper.  
Then, she made those little dividers!!  
And, she added that beautiful ribbon!!
And check out the opening action!

A ribbon puller!!!

She makes me swoon!! :)

I have realized that often my best ideas come when under pressure to create something in a pinch.
You know, you are invited to something, realize you didn't know one little bring a gift..and you have no money/time/money....and have to improvise!
And I can see that this skill/concept/last-minute spurt of genius has been been inherited!

Yay me!

Thank you for letting me brag!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Family History

Yesterday was an unusual day for me!  I went with my sister, my niece and a few of her friends to a fundraiser.  You would think this would be boring....but! was to see a taping of, "Let's Make a Deal"!!!  It was not boring At All!! :)

Alas, none of us won anything. :(  But it was really fun to see others win money and a car!!!  Really...I was....happy...for them.  ;)

But the most exciting part of the day was when I got home to a package!!  It was from my Aunts Kate and Diane in Massachusetts!!  I love them!!!  I wish we lived there sometimes.....

Seeing as it wasn't my birthday or close to it I was really curious!!  So I opened it up and found all of this!!!

A very sweet note from them said that this is the wedding ring and marriage certificate of my great grandmother!!!  From 1912!!!  

Almost 100 years ago!!  Remarkable!!!

They also included some lovely photos, too!!
(I did some adjusting so the images could be seen better. Like the one below which is kind of washed out.)
Below is is my great grandparents and my grandmother as a little girl!!

Below are some photos from the early 20s....gosh, those bathing suits!!!

Below is the certificate up close with the ring.....

Below is the front page of the booklet that the marriage certificate was enclosed in....a book of love poems!!!
So romantic!!

It's so hard to read but the poem on the left is a song, I think, and it's written by Robert Burns (1759-1796).  It's written with Irish/Scottish "accent" and is so playful!

I so love that my grandmother kept so many family momentos!!  My mom was sent a bible and a sweet scrapbook filled with poems from newspaper clippings.  

And genealogy!!  OMG, I remember being in Salt Lake City with my family on a business trip with my dad and my mom going to the library to look up family information for my grandmother!!  From that a little book has been published of our family tree!!  My grandmother was able to trace our family line back to the 1700s!!    

It all makes me wonder what my great grandchildren will have of me?  With pics and videos all digital and then there is Pinterest acting as an online scrapbook will the next few generations have any family ties to the past?

I don't scrapbook....I've seen them and they make me feel like lying down and resting!!  So much creativity seems to go into them and I need that elsewhere!!  However, I can see it's place in preserving memories....

Probably time to tackle those boxes of pictures in the garage.......shudder.......;)

Thank you so much Aunt Kate and Aunt Diane for sending me these wonderful family memories!!  It made me cry to think that I have such important pieces of our family history.  They are sitting right here beside me and make me feel so connected and loved!!
I love you!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A French Revival!!

So, I had this fleur-de-lis decoration....

And it didn't even start out silver!!!  It was a mottled gold/copper.  I wish I had a was okay when I first got it a few years ago.  But I've realized my love for color in my life and so while I loved the shape I did not love the color.

So, I thought I'd change it to silver.  It was better but very flat looking.  I now realize that a stain over it probably would have given it some dimension.  
Hey, I'm a slow learner, k?? :)

Although now that it's red.....

I like it better!!! I even think the stain on the silver would have been nice but it was still going to blend into the background.  Because now that it is red and has a new home....

I think the red is perfecto!!!

Another thing that I like about it now is that it looks like it's made out of cast iron.
Is that important you ask?
No, but in it's previous two colors it looked like a decoration from the store.
In red it looks like it could be vintage!

And I love me some vintage!!!

See you next time!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Changing My Mind!!

K, well the Anaheim thing didn't quite interest me enough, I guess.

And truly, Anaheim and it's surrounding cities all run into each other and where we are you could easily be in like 4 other cities just by crossing the street!

So, I'm going to redo this old place and see if I can't find stuff to say on other things!!!

Hmm....what do I family, spray painting, crochet, tacos, brownies, exclamation points, France, my hot glue gun, felt, napkins....I wonder if I can't start a blog about all that????

Guess I'll have to try!!! :)