Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Birthday Centerpiece Becomes a Learning Opportunity

So, I had an idea.
It was my mom's birthday and we were headed to the Natural History Museum to check out their latest dinosaur exhibit.
It was my mom and dad, me and my 2 kiddos and one of my sisters her two kiddos and a boyfriend.
Since we would be having lunch together I wanted to make the table special as my mom always does stuff like that.  :)

I'd seen these online:
And I thought my mom would really appreciate it and it seemed portable as I'd have to bring this with me into the museum.

So, I headed to Dollar Tree!
I thought I'd see the foam spheres there and they always have tons of flowers and pedestals/candle holders.
I figured I could make do.

Well, I found cone shaped foam and pink and green roses.

K, I can deal.

Then I bought 3 glass candle holders, 2 rounded votive holders and 2 small round glass candle plates.

I had a vague idea of what I was gonna do with this stuff.  Some sort of flower centerpiece and 2 plates on pedestals.

And if you are an experienced crafter with glass you have already realized my fatal error! :)

So, I cut apart a few of the roses and started gluing from the bottom up starting with the green.

I was still unsure what this was turning into but I forged ahead!

So I got to the top with the pink and then went back and added in petals to make the layers a little closer together.  Then, I cut a circle of felt to fit the bottom and hot glued that onto the bottom.  I then hot glued the  whole thing to one of the glass candle holders.

But don't believe this picture cuz I flipped the candle holder the right way after this picture.

I know, I'm a bad photojournalist. 

But I did get a pic of this while I was crafting...

Our bunnies laying out by the pool!!!

Anyway, then I played around with the other two candle holders, plates and votive holders.

I finally settled on one plate glued straight on the candle holder and for the other one the votive holder glued to the candle holder then the plate glued on top of that.
Then I lightly glued paper doilies to each plate.

The morning of the museum trip I packed it all up into a backpack along with some homemade chocolate chip cookies and a little tablecloth.

Here's a bit of what we saw:

I am apparently not as much of a museum goer as I'd like to be.
You can repackage a bunch of bones into a brand new room and put up all sorts of neat and informative plaques and I'm still just gonna walk around looking at the bones, not reading anything and be ready to go in about 20 minutes.
I'm like this at the zoo, too.
Give me an art or textile museum any day!!

K, so it was time for lunch.
We walked over to the Discovery Science Center cuz they have a McDonald's and a Taco Bell and we had kids. :)
While everyone ordered I stayed at the table and set up.
This is where my fatal error was discovered.

Yea, the tall pedestal broke off the plate.

But the short one was still good so I still ended up with the staggered look with one on the table!

I was kinda bummed about it all and didn't take a pic of it there but I did a reenactment on my patio...

Oh yes, and I had made this little garland thingy with those metal and paper tag thingys.

So yea, in all it worked and the failure part worked out and I learned that I need another kind of glue.

Lordy this was long!!
I wish the payoff was better, but maybe this will inspire something and if it does let me know!!
Something good should come out of this!!

And my mom loved it, btw!!!

Moms are good like that aren't they??


  1. Kudos to you!! Thanks for sharing the steps with us. I'm sure your mom was very pleased!
    I've used the glue, E-,for gluing glass. Works pretty well and you can get it at Walmart.
    Happy Birthday to your mom. : )

  2. Yes, the E like 6000 or something right? I'd seen people have the tubes with their tutorials and I just didn't fully grasp that it was different than hot glue. Live and learn!! :)

    I'm glad to know it's at Walmart, too. I go there more than Home Depot which was where I figured was the only type of place that would carry it. :) I'm excited to get some so I can really glue things!! Give me glue and spray paint and I'm a happy girl!! ;)

  3. I love what you did with the petals! Been there, done that on the glass and hot glue thing. Live and learn. :)

    I love textile museums too.

    Your bunnies are adorable. We had a pet rabbit when we lived in Calif. We would take her out into the patio area of the apartment complex, and the neighbors would all bring their dogs out (because our bunny was pretty tough and would fight back when they tried to chase her). One day she got tired of being chased by the dogs and jumped into the pool. (She swam pretty well, but we kept her inside after that.)

    So when I saw your bunnies by the pool I wondered if they ever hopped in for a dip.

  4. LOL!!! You definitely had a tough rabbit!! :) Sometimes I see them hop around the backyard and wonder if one day one will miss hop and land in the water, but it hasn't happened yet. Good to know she could swim!! I wouldn't have thought it!!

    We did have a chicken land in the pool once! It hasn't happened since so I'm thinking it wasn't a positive experience for her. She did okay, but luckily we were home. The lack of webbed feet was against her! ;)

  5. Love your garland on the cake , but love the bunnies more ! Now following your cheery blog xx Ava

  6. Hi Ava!! Yes, the bunnies have my heart as well!! :) I'm so thrilled to have you here!! I've been following your lovely blog for quite a time on Google Reader!! But today I went and became an official follower!! :) Oh, and I still have your jute garland running through my mind!! I love that!! :)