Friday, August 12, 2011

Family History

Yesterday was an unusual day for me!  I went with my sister, my niece and a few of her friends to a fundraiser.  You would think this would be boring....but! was to see a taping of, "Let's Make a Deal"!!!  It was not boring At All!! :)

Alas, none of us won anything. :(  But it was really fun to see others win money and a car!!!  Really...I was....happy...for them.  ;)

But the most exciting part of the day was when I got home to a package!!  It was from my Aunts Kate and Diane in Massachusetts!!  I love them!!!  I wish we lived there sometimes.....

Seeing as it wasn't my birthday or close to it I was really curious!!  So I opened it up and found all of this!!!

A very sweet note from them said that this is the wedding ring and marriage certificate of my great grandmother!!!  From 1912!!!  

Almost 100 years ago!!  Remarkable!!!

They also included some lovely photos, too!!
(I did some adjusting so the images could be seen better. Like the one below which is kind of washed out.)
Below is is my great grandparents and my grandmother as a little girl!!

Below are some photos from the early 20s....gosh, those bathing suits!!!

Below is the certificate up close with the ring.....

Below is the front page of the booklet that the marriage certificate was enclosed in....a book of love poems!!!
So romantic!!

It's so hard to read but the poem on the left is a song, I think, and it's written by Robert Burns (1759-1796).  It's written with Irish/Scottish "accent" and is so playful!

I so love that my grandmother kept so many family momentos!!  My mom was sent a bible and a sweet scrapbook filled with poems from newspaper clippings.  

And genealogy!!  OMG, I remember being in Salt Lake City with my family on a business trip with my dad and my mom going to the library to look up family information for my grandmother!!  From that a little book has been published of our family tree!!  My grandmother was able to trace our family line back to the 1700s!!    

It all makes me wonder what my great grandchildren will have of me?  With pics and videos all digital and then there is Pinterest acting as an online scrapbook will the next few generations have any family ties to the past?

I don't scrapbook....I've seen them and they make me feel like lying down and resting!!  So much creativity seems to go into them and I need that elsewhere!!  However, I can see it's place in preserving memories....

Probably time to tackle those boxes of pictures in the garage.......shudder.......;)

Thank you so much Aunt Kate and Aunt Diane for sending me these wonderful family memories!!  It made me cry to think that I have such important pieces of our family history.  They are sitting right here beside me and make me feel so connected and loved!!
I love you!!!


  1. Wow! What amazing history! Just as artifacts in general, those are amazing. The fact that you have actual familial connections to them are even more so. I see that you're in So. Cal.
    Are you planning on coming to the SoCal Social on October 8?

  2. Hi Vivienne!! Yes, I love that my grandmother and now my aunts are so protective over these things!!! My kids are marveling that those people are their relatives!! :)

    No, I hadn't heard of the Social!! Thank you for the info, it sounds like fun!! :)

  3. Hi Laura - thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm a former Orange County gal myself (native Southern Californian) and was just out there the week before last visiting my folks.

    What a lovely package to get in the mail - I love old family photos. And the ring is a treasure.

    Pursuing a simple life is a worthy goal, especially in your very crowded and busy neck of the woods. (While out there I realized again how uncomplicated my life in Wisconsin is, and how much I like it that way!)

    I love the red fleur-de-lis in the last post. Much the best colour for it. I'm a Francophile too.

  4. Oh...lucky you!! What amazing treasures were sent to you. Thanks for sharing them with us here. : )

  5. You are welcome!! Thank you for sharing my delight with me!! :)