Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A French Revival!!

So, I had this fleur-de-lis decoration....

And it didn't even start out silver!!!  It was a mottled gold/copper.  I wish I had a was okay when I first got it a few years ago.  But I've realized my love for color in my life and so while I loved the shape I did not love the color.

So, I thought I'd change it to silver.  It was better but very flat looking.  I now realize that a stain over it probably would have given it some dimension.  
Hey, I'm a slow learner, k?? :)

Although now that it's red.....

I like it better!!! I even think the stain on the silver would have been nice but it was still going to blend into the background.  Because now that it is red and has a new home....

I think the red is perfecto!!!

Another thing that I like about it now is that it looks like it's made out of cast iron.
Is that important you ask?
No, but in it's previous two colors it looked like a decoration from the store.
In red it looks like it could be vintage!

And I love me some vintage!!!

See you next time!!


  1. You're so right, the red is so rich!!! Very dramatic now! Kudos. : )

  2. Thank you so much for your kind feedback!! I love what you do and so I take this as a high compliment!! :)

  3. Hey I have the same exact Fleur di lis, but mine was antique white. I got it at Marshall's. I painted mine silver too, but I love how you painted yours red. How did we survive before spray paint?

  4. OMG, Shannon, I have NO idea!!!! I feel a sense of immense freedom with spray paint!!! lol!!! There are periods when I'm in the mood for change and browse the house looking for something...anything!! redo!!! Do you have a sprayer? I love to own a real sprayer so that the sky is the limit with color! :)