Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Am Stumped!

So, I picked up these little cuties at Savers a month or so ago.

I love that they are low...nothing like having tall candlesticks with tall candles to make people head-bobble to make eye contact!!

However, I keep looking and looking at them to no avail....I have no idea what to do with them!!

I tend to go for color but I think they would look wrong in aqua...or red....

Then I think I'll just redo them in silver to clean them up cuz they are kinda nice this way but do need a little love.

Then, I figure since I'm going metallic is there another metallic that might work??

We are having an "I Survived Vacation Bible School Celebration" party this Friday night at our house and I'd like to make the table pretty......with candle sticks!!! :)

Any suggestions?
What would you do if these were yours???


  1. The party is a great idea. (It's amazing how exhausting VBS can be.)

    I'm not much of a decorator- if the candlesticks were mine I'd probably keep the pewter-y look and maybe antique them a bit.

    I just Googled "what to do with old candlesticks" and saw some painted glossy black, and some painted white.

    Let us know what you end up doing!

  2. Thank you!! Antiquing is a good idea if I go with the silver/pewter again....I think that would solve the problem I had before with silver, which was it looking kinda flat.

    Now white is intriguing....I thought of black, too, but hadn't thought of it glossy....hmmm....these are good, thank you!!! :)

    I will definitely let you know what the final result is!! I'm interested in seeing it myself!! lol!!!! :)