Thursday, August 18, 2011

Proud Mommy Am I!

I know some parents puff their feathers for great SAT scores.
Some are at every game cheering on their super star.
But me?
I'm bursting my buttons about this!!

My lovely, sweet, talented, beautiful daughter crafted this egg carton!!!

See, we have two chickens.
Yea, you can have them here in SoCal!!
Anyway, we wanted to give some to my parents but didn't have anything to give them in
I thought of wrapping them carefully in a brown paper lunch bag.
But, six wrapped eggs are kinda big.
So, Crafty Daughter found this bottom part of a shoebox, got the tissue paper and went to town!
She padded the bottom with some crumpled tissue paper.  
Then, she made those little dividers!!  
And, she added that beautiful ribbon!!
And check out the opening action!

A ribbon puller!!!

She makes me swoon!! :)

I have realized that often my best ideas come when under pressure to create something in a pinch.
You know, you are invited to something, realize you didn't know one little bring a gift..and you have no money/time/money....and have to improvise!
And I can see that this skill/concept/last-minute spurt of genius has been been inherited!

Yay me!

Thank you for letting me brag!


  1. Lucky you for having chickens AND a talented daughter! We buy fresh local eggs for the most part, but our source has dried up right now due to the summer heat. Storebought eggs just don't compare.

    To answer your questions, I grew up in Orange County. The last few years before we left we lived in Costa Mesa. Looking for a different way of life, we followed a family member to Wisconsin and are still here 20 years later, living a small-town life and (mostly) enjoying it. I don't think I could ever go back to the way we lived before. :)

  2. Yes, I am lucky!! :) Both are a lot of fun!! We've had chickens for about a year so it was a totally new concept for me. It took me a good 3 or 4 months to even eat their eggs!! I could have eaten eggs from anyone else's hens but for those few months it kinda creeped m out. I'm good with it now, fortunately!! :)

    So, we hail from the same neck of the woods!! I grew up in Long Beach, but have spent the last 20+ years in OC.

    Frankly, I'd take the first opportunity to move out of state! I admire that you took your desires seriously! I think that is so courageous. I have family in Massachusetts and so I'm very drawn to that area. I bet Wisconsin is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing, it is very inspiring!! :)

  3. Hi Laura, I'm your newest follower. I'm so jealous you can have chickens. I live in a tract home in San Diego. We aren't zoned for chickies so I have to buy organic eggs at T. Joe's or Henry's. I love you daughter's creative egg carton! Brag away it's awesome.

  4. Hi Shannon!! Thank you!! I'm your newest follower, too!! :)

    We are in a tract but for whatever reason Anaheim allows up to 5, I think. I suspect we are a bit closer to the neighbor than is allowed but the neighbor only has one window on that side and it's an occasional use room.

    We love having them!! They are pets to me as much as they supply our eggs. If you ever get the chance to have them go for it!! Plus they supply great fertilizer for the garden!!! Win-win!! :)

  5. hey there. another new follower. great to "see" you. looking forward to seeing more.