Friday, September 30, 2011

Slowing Down

I've been reading this book:

It's about ...well let me share this quote,

"How to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too is for every mother who’s ever wondered if it’s possible to pursue her own passions while investing in her family and managing a home."

It's not a long book but it has made me pause quite a few times to think!

I'm in the section on living intentionally.

Now that is a word that I think I could have used years ago!!

It's a concept I've never grasped but felt that it was out there...somewhere.

Now that I have the word bouncing around in my mind I'm reassessing a lot of what I do.

Even down to folding the laundry, if you can believe it!!

I'll notice from time to time that I move around like I'm in some type of hurry.  Sometimes it's a necessity and sometimes I think it's just my default.

My grandma (my mom's mom) was a hustle bustle woman.  I didn't get to visit her often but one of my strong memories of her his how busy she always seemed to be around the house.  She always had something to do and she did it quickly. 

A few minutes ago I was folding laundry and I realized I was really rushing.  Sure, it's not an interesting thing to do so getting it done fast seems reasonable.  But once I made the observation I deliberately slowed down determined to just enjoy the moment.

And you know what?  I did!  I was in the garage, folding laundry and I just enjoyed the moment!!  Slowing down just felt really nice!

I'm not finished with the book's a book to savor.   Yet, if all I take from it for now is living intentionally, it was a great $9 investment!!

**  Just a note to say I get nothing for mentioning the book and if you buy it I receive nothing.  It's just a good book worth sharing!! :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

23 Years is Detritis, Right?

Today is our 23rd anniversary!

Wow, 23 years.....sounds longer than it feels.  And that's probably a good thing!! 

Not being ones for tradition we headed out to the local swap meet!!
There's nothing like celebrating romantic anniversaries than meandering through someone's old junk!
But it satisfies my retail therapy needs and keeps us on budget....see, romantic cuz it makes the hubby happy!!

About 2 minutes from our house is a community college and on weekends they fill a few of their parking lots with all sorts of vendors.

Old stuff = like junk in boxes from a yard sale.  I see a lot of family and baby pictures out there which I find kinda sad.  
But I love the old junky stands the best!!
New stuff = you name it supplies, personal care stuff, furniture, socks, shoes, clothes, jewelry, rugs.
And then there's the food =  fruit, vegetable and nut stands, food trucks and churro carts. (yum!!)
It's got something for everyone!
No really, I saw one guy carrying around a HUGE stuffed animal!! (???)
And there's a rasta guy who's been there for years selling incense.

We took a break for a romantic lunch at this purple truck.

Tacos for two! 
The chicken one was really good and Ed liked the fish...see?  A match made in heaven!!

 When we got home Ed picked a cantaloupe from the garden.
We've usually (and by usually I mean last year!) picked them too soon but today it was perfection!!
The juiciest and sweetest cantaloupe I've ever had!!

Now, after that deliciousness I can decide what to make from the yarn I got at the swap meet!!
(Edited to add that it was a $1 a skein!)
I think it feels like a cotton but I'm not certain.  
I don't tend to buy neutrals but it has a natural look to it and I think it will suit the project.

I have an idea of what I'd like to make and hopefully it will turn out nice enough to share!!

So, any other old married couples like us out there?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Figured It Out!

In my last exciting post (showing off here that I speak Irony!!) I mentioned how I'd like to have the side on the right be white so that the text would be easier to read.  Cuz, you know, scads of people are wanting to read all about me! ;)

Sue at Mrs. Micawber's Recipe for Happiness (who you should go visit because her pictures and prose are very pretty!!) (oh, and her recipes and crochet are equally awesome!!) suggested I seek help in the forums.

So, I went over there to do that but got sidetracked.  
Not unusual.
I ended up playing around with the design again.
And I did it!!

All I did was pick a new template that was designed to have the sidebar on the right be a color.
I did have to go and reset the background, fonts and colors, but I enjoy playing with that stuff anyway!!

I liked this one especially as it allowed for the sidebar to be transparent so the neato green scrolly stuff peeks through!!!

I have to say Blogger is nice and easy for people like me!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Having a Little Fun!

I'm gaining some confidence in playing around in Blogger!

So, if you have visited before you will notice a difference...I hope it's not too painful on the eyes!!

If you have any feedback, please share!!

I'll take positive and negative...hey, a girl has to learn, right!?  

Thank you!!! :)

Edited to add: I'd love for the sidebar to have a white background.  Is that possible?  I mean, possible for someone like me?  ;)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Expanding Your Foil

One of the things I brought with us on our camping trip was a birthday cake.
Adam likes my chocolate cake with butter cream frosting and as cake always tastes better a day or so later it was perfect timing.

I wasn't sure of the washing up facilities (turns out there really aren't any) so I covered the pan with foil first then put in the batter and baked it.

As I was getting the foil ready for the pan I remembered where I learned this little trick.
A wonderful man named Dean Slocum taught this to me when I was in my 20s and it's been a great thing to know!!  Dean's no longer with us, but his tip lives on!!

And thanks to this post on the wonderful blog The V Spot I realized that maybe I know something that I could share!!  If you don't already read Vivienne's blog you are missing something great!!  She is clever, funny, smart and entertaining!!!! :)

Now, down to business!

This is for when you have a pan that is larger than your foil.  It is really useful when you have something liquid, too, like cake batter!
I also use it to cover large platters.

What you do is cut two pieces of foil to the size you need.

 Lay one right on top of the other.

Along one of the long sides, fold up about 1/2" or so...just eyeball it.

 This is the first fold.

Then fold it over once again.

Crease it really well along the fold.

Take the top sheet and fold it back over the fold and crease.

 And now you have one large piece of foil!

It's not totally secure, but for transporting, lining a baking sheet,  or lining and or/covering a roasting pan, it works!

When I need it a bit more sturdy I'll fold it over one or two more times.

They do make the really long foil, but this tip helps save drawer space if you can even fit that long box in your drawer.  Which I can't.

I'm off to wonder if I know anything else.............;)

So Camping...I Loved It!!!

Nobody was more surprised than me how much I enjoyed camping!!
Okay, possibly my sister....she was shocked!!

It was SO fun!!  Of course, being at a campground that is run much like a cruise ship helps!!
At the Silent Valley Club camp ground if you are bored it's cuz you wanna be!!

My sister, my dad and I entered a pool tournament!!
The gentleman in the orange is my cute dad!!

It was double elimination....I played two games...yea..

But, I had a blast!!!  

Also, this cutie turned 13!!!!
He is truly a kind hearted young man.....Love!!!! 

My sister and her family drove up just for the day, too!!  That was a huge blessing as it was a two hour drive each way!!!  They are Adam's favorite people so it touched my heart!!

I also think these are acorns!!
Just last week over on Mrs. Micawber's Lovely Blog I had mentioned that I didn't think I'd ever seen an acorn.  Then over the weekend these things kept dropping out of the trees on us.  These aren't the type that I think of when I think, "Acorn" but it is something!!

Also, see those pointy parts on the ends??  They hurt.

This was a great trip and I'm looking forward to doing it again!!
Did I really say that???

Adam on the rock, Alyssa at the table on the right hanging with their cool cousins!!
The camper is my parents, btw!!  (I wish it was mine!!!)