Saturday, September 17, 2011

23 Years is Detritis, Right?

Today is our 23rd anniversary!

Wow, 23 years.....sounds longer than it feels.  And that's probably a good thing!! 

Not being ones for tradition we headed out to the local swap meet!!
There's nothing like celebrating romantic anniversaries than meandering through someone's old junk!
But it satisfies my retail therapy needs and keeps us on budget....see, romantic cuz it makes the hubby happy!!

About 2 minutes from our house is a community college and on weekends they fill a few of their parking lots with all sorts of vendors.

Old stuff = like junk in boxes from a yard sale.  I see a lot of family and baby pictures out there which I find kinda sad.  
But I love the old junky stands the best!!
New stuff = you name it supplies, personal care stuff, furniture, socks, shoes, clothes, jewelry, rugs.
And then there's the food =  fruit, vegetable and nut stands, food trucks and churro carts. (yum!!)
It's got something for everyone!
No really, I saw one guy carrying around a HUGE stuffed animal!! (???)
And there's a rasta guy who's been there for years selling incense.

We took a break for a romantic lunch at this purple truck.

Tacos for two! 
The chicken one was really good and Ed liked the fish...see?  A match made in heaven!!

 When we got home Ed picked a cantaloupe from the garden.
We've usually (and by usually I mean last year!) picked them too soon but today it was perfection!!
The juiciest and sweetest cantaloupe I've ever had!!

Now, after that deliciousness I can decide what to make from the yarn I got at the swap meet!!
(Edited to add that it was a $1 a skein!)
I think it feels like a cotton but I'm not certain.  
I don't tend to buy neutrals but it has a natural look to it and I think it will suit the project.

I have an idea of what I'd like to make and hopefully it will turn out nice enough to share!!

So, any other old married couples like us out there?


  1. Happy Anniversary for Saturday xx You look so young , You must have been a child bride :) xx Ava

  2. YOU are a sweetheart on every level!!!!!! :) Thank you!!!!!

  3. You do look young! 26 years for me and Mr. M.

    I was just at the Cypress swap meet last month! My best friend from high school was in town visiting her parents who live across the street from CC. I picked her up there and we spent a couple of hours at the swap meet. Lots of great stuff for sale.

    Small world!

  4. If I look young at all I blame my complete lack of maturity!!!! :)

    Congratulations to you and Mr. M on 26 years!!!! And don't knock're not so old looking yourself, you know!!! :)

    To think you were SO close!!!!! I knew you were visiting but I didn't know you were right down the street!!! :)

  5. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I have been married for 5 years, and it has flown by! So, I can see what you mean when you say 23 years sounds longer then it feels. Sounds like you had an awesome time celebrating!

  6. Thank you so much!!! We did have a nice day!!!

    Congratulations on 5 years!!! You will be at 23 before you know it so enjoy every day!!! :)