Friday, September 9, 2011

Expanding Your Foil

One of the things I brought with us on our camping trip was a birthday cake.
Adam likes my chocolate cake with butter cream frosting and as cake always tastes better a day or so later it was perfect timing.

I wasn't sure of the washing up facilities (turns out there really aren't any) so I covered the pan with foil first then put in the batter and baked it.

As I was getting the foil ready for the pan I remembered where I learned this little trick.
A wonderful man named Dean Slocum taught this to me when I was in my 20s and it's been a great thing to know!!  Dean's no longer with us, but his tip lives on!!

And thanks to this post on the wonderful blog The V Spot I realized that maybe I know something that I could share!!  If you don't already read Vivienne's blog you are missing something great!!  She is clever, funny, smart and entertaining!!!! :)

Now, down to business!

This is for when you have a pan that is larger than your foil.  It is really useful when you have something liquid, too, like cake batter!
I also use it to cover large platters.

What you do is cut two pieces of foil to the size you need.

 Lay one right on top of the other.

Along one of the long sides, fold up about 1/2" or so...just eyeball it.

 This is the first fold.

Then fold it over once again.

Crease it really well along the fold.

Take the top sheet and fold it back over the fold and crease.

 And now you have one large piece of foil!

It's not totally secure, but for transporting, lining a baking sheet,  or lining and or/covering a roasting pan, it works!

When I need it a bit more sturdy I'll fold it over one or two more times.

They do make the really long foil, but this tip helps save drawer space if you can even fit that long box in your drawer.  Which I can't.

I'm off to wonder if I know anything else.............;)


  1. Cute new background! Chocolate cake sounds very good right now...

  2. Thank you!! :) Yes, chocolate cake...I've been fighting the urge to make brownies for a few days now. Not sure how much longer I can hold out!!! lol!!!