Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Figured It Out!

In my last exciting post (showing off here that I speak Irony!!) I mentioned how I'd like to have the side on the right be white so that the text would be easier to read.  Cuz, you know, scads of people are wanting to read all about me! ;)

Sue at Mrs. Micawber's Recipe for Happiness (who you should go visit because her pictures and prose are very pretty!!) (oh, and her recipes and crochet are equally awesome!!) suggested I seek help in the forums.

So, I went over there to do that but got sidetracked.  
Not unusual.
I ended up playing around with the design again.
And I did it!!

All I did was pick a new template that was designed to have the sidebar on the right be a color.
I did have to go and reset the background, fonts and colors, but I enjoy playing with that stuff anyway!!

I liked this one especially as it allowed for the sidebar to be transparent so the neato green scrolly stuff peeks through!!!

I have to say Blogger is nice and easy for people like me!!


  1. Looks good and very readable! I love playing with the colours too. I could happily spend hours tweaking those things.

  2. Oh yes, me, too!!! Just for kicks it went through many font changes, too!!! :) Good thing there aren't more choices or I'd still be at it!! lol!!!

  3. My suggestion....start your facebook now. I started mine late and wish I would have started it awhile back! Your blog is very easy to read and follow! Love your NEW follower! Love, Me