Friday, September 9, 2011

So Camping...I Loved It!!!

Nobody was more surprised than me how much I enjoyed camping!!
Okay, possibly my sister....she was shocked!!

It was SO fun!!  Of course, being at a campground that is run much like a cruise ship helps!!
At the Silent Valley Club camp ground if you are bored it's cuz you wanna be!!

My sister, my dad and I entered a pool tournament!!
The gentleman in the orange is my cute dad!!

It was double elimination....I played two games...yea..

But, I had a blast!!!  

Also, this cutie turned 13!!!!
He is truly a kind hearted young man.....Love!!!! 

My sister and her family drove up just for the day, too!!  That was a huge blessing as it was a two hour drive each way!!!  They are Adam's favorite people so it touched my heart!!

I also think these are acorns!!
Just last week over on Mrs. Micawber's Lovely Blog I had mentioned that I didn't think I'd ever seen an acorn.  Then over the weekend these things kept dropping out of the trees on us.  These aren't the type that I think of when I think, "Acorn" but it is something!!

Also, see those pointy parts on the ends??  They hurt.

This was a great trip and I'm looking forward to doing it again!!
Did I really say that???

Adam on the rock, Alyssa at the table on the right hanging with their cool cousins!!
The camper is my parents, btw!!  (I wish it was mine!!!)


  1. So glad you had a good time. Those pointy things are really amazing. Not sure they're technically acorns (which have to come from oak trees), but definitely a tree seed of some kind. That would be painful to be underneath when they drop. When the walnuts fall out of the walnut trees here, it's like being hit with a tennis ball.

  2. Ouch!! I think walnuts would hurt more than these things for sure!! :)

    My hubby, the landscape designer, was saying they were California Oak we know why these aren't normal!! lol!!!! ;)

  3. Told ya, told ya, told ya!!!!
    I'm not surprised in the least!
    Campers unite!