Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall Sky

The sky here was so pretty yesterday evening that I wanted to share!

The first few were taken from our backyard...

And the rest were taken at a local high school football stadium.

As sunset came it got even prettier!

The kickoff!!

It rained!  Not much but the drops were big!
I really like my umbrella!

Game over and the good job line commenced.
It was "our" homecoming game and "we" won..that was nice!
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So, there's a nice evening in southern California!

I'm trying out Picasa 3.  I've not liked Picasa in the past but this version seems okay.
It imported these pictures into Blogger and that was nice.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I like Picnik for photo editing, but I'm not a very good photographer so you might not like it?

  2. Once I got used to Picasa I liked it very much indeed, and it really speeds up the upload process. Google family products all work well together.

    Are those Cypress High colours I see on the cheerleaders?

  3. P.S. Totally forgot to say lovely sunset photos!