Friday, October 14, 2011

What a Whirlwind!!

I feel as though I've just been on an exciting vacation but I haven't left town!

Alyssa's 17th birthday was Tuesday......17.........

I'm still getting used to this age as it is too darn close to 18!

We didn't do anything major for this one, just lunch with family, but it was really special.

Backing up, on Monday she got her driver's permit.  

That's probably why this week has been so difficult for me....a birthday AND gaining the ability to get behind the wheel of a car all in 2 days!!

It is exciting, scary and fun, all rolled up!!  It's like a life burrito around here!! lol!!!

As I type she is in the middle of her first driving lesson!!


But on to things that don't remind me my babies are growing up!

I've picked up some neat things to try and redo!  

I have gotten so much inspiration out there that it's time that I start to at least try!!

And I'm typing this now so that I can hold myself accountable! :)


Have a super day!!!


  1. Are you SURE you're old enough to have a teenager? You look awfully young in that photo...

    Looking forward to seeing what you're working on! And happy birthday to your daughter.

  2. Well, you see, Sue.....that's why I chose that picture!! lol!!!! It's tiny and black-and-white and kinda washed out to hide the imperfections!! :) I'll have to post a more realistic picture one of these days!! But yes, I'm definitely old enough and then some!! lol!!!

    Thank you for the birthday and project good wishes, too!!! :)

  3. Time just keeps on marching on whether we like it or not!
    Happy Birthday to your "baby"! : )