Friday, November 4, 2011

I Love Fall!

And I'll say it again......I love Fall!!

Here in southern California we don't get a lot of the colors, but there are a few trees that break out in a glory of color...usually red...and I love it!!

The other evidence of Fall is the direction of the sun and the Fall shadows.  The color of the sun seems warmer than the clear Summer sun and I love the longer shadows in the evenings.

We also get Santa Ana winds.  Bleck.  

These are hot, dry winds that make me grouchy...but the worst part is that they are prime winds for big fires.

We aren't in an area that would put us in danger of the fires, but every day that we have them I pray that nobody gets weird and starts a fire.  It is heartbreaking to see fires consume homes, just heartbreaking.

So, the other day we got the winds and I was so excited when I went to bed and hadn't heard of one fire!!

This is my feeble attempt to capture the effect of the wind.  Sorry.....

And in other exciting news I have recently become comfortable with yeast!!

Yes, for years I have strongly avoided recipes that contained yeast.  Oh, sure, I made a loaf or two of bread from time to time, just to see if I could pull it off but the yeast just scared me.

But then I discovered a One Hour Cinnamon Roll Recipe !!!!!  One hour?  Yes!!!

Of all the bread recipes that I've wanted to try, Cinnamon Rolls was the one that always got to me.  I love cinnamon, bread, butter....bread.....Anyway, the usual recipes call for a long time of rising.  At least, a long time if you want to make them for breakfast. :)  But this one you can truly go from the first mix to eating a delicious Cinnamon Roll in One Hour!!!

So I tried my hand at this recipe (reading up on what "warm" water is) and it worked!!

Three times so far!!

Holy yum!!!!!

Sue at Mrs. Micawber's Recipe for Happiness does an amazing job of explaining the recipe and the steps and then, to finish it off she gives a stunning array of toppings!!!  Trust me, you will want to try every single one!!

And then, that got me so brave that I tried what for me was the pinnacle of bread making...French Bread!

I'm sorry to say that I didn't get one picture.....mainly cuz we ate it so fast!!! :)

I've got a few projects started but I am completely at a stand still with them and believe I have Analysis Paralysis.  And this is the totally wrong time of year for this!!  Must. Make. Gifts.

I guess I'll figure it out.  I'll probably just have to take the plunge and just force myself into it.  That usually does the trick...just doing it.  Thank you, Nike!! :)

I hope this finds you enjoying your Friday and that you are cozy and warm!!


  1. Oh, I don't miss those Santa Anas one bit. Or the fires.

    Wow, do I spy a Pampered Chef 11" stone baking pan under those cinnamon rolls? That's what I bake mine in, too. They look scrumptious. So glad the recipe worked for you.

    Congrats on the French bread! I love it when there's no time to take pictures of food because it all gets eaten up. :}

  2. Wow, Sue, your I Spy skills are highly refined!!! I am thoroughly impressed!! :) And with so little to see of it!! I think that is one of my favorite baking dishes ever and it is perfect for the rolls!!

    Thank you for inspiring me!!! :)

  3. Good on you for the yeast achievement. I too was cautious of yeast until this year when I made "Pioneer woman cinnamon rolls" Was so proud. Will have to have a go at french bread. Will have to pop over and check out Mrs Micawber's recipe now xx Ava

  4. Southern California has 4 seasons: Wind, fire, rain and mud.

    Your recipes sound good and I need to do more with yeast. I stay away from it too, but mostly because I buy the yeast, don't use it, it dies, I try to use it anyway and ruin all of the ingredients. sigh.

  5. Those cinnamon rolls looks amazing! We had bad winds and fires down in San Diego. My kids soccer practice was canceled due to poor air quality. I still wouldn't trade it for a fall and winter of cold snow.

  6. Ava, do try the French Bread!! It was a lot easier than I ever expected!!! I'd also love to try croissants....we'll see!! :)

  7. Vivienne!! That's exactly what I've done!! SO many times!! I still find the occasional triple yeast packet stuck in a cookbook!! lol!!

    But, I bought a large bag of yeast at Costco recently so now I'm not so afraid of messing up!! That seemed to make be brave. :)

    Too true about the seasons's weather is really weird, cloudy, hot and no breeze at all. Earthquake weather!! lol!! :)

  8. Shannon, yes, the fires can create some really bad air days. PE canceled more than once when my daughter was in school in Santa Ana.

    Sometimes I think I'd like to at least experience living in snow! Well....I'd like to see it out the window!! lol!!!!

  9. Those cinnamon rolls look delicious!!!! Congratulations on your success. : ) And thanks for sharing the recipe with us.

  10. Hi Laura, Just dropping by to tell you I shut down my FB page. I'm now on twitter as I find it easier . Link on my blog xx