Friday, February 24, 2012

Functional Should Be Pretty!

I love clipboards.  Put a clipboard in my hands and I think I could rule the world!
Ever notice how people pay more attention to the person with the clipboard?

I bought one recently at Dollar Tree to use at theater, but never got around to using it or taking the plastic off.  It just wasn't...............pretty.  It was actually really frumpy.

Then other day I thought maybe it could be prettified with stuff I already have cuz Lord knows I don't need to buy more stuff to sit around here! :)

I sorted through some supplies and well, let's just say Magic Happened!!

Okay, it didn't really.  I don't think Magic and Four Letter Words are supposed to happen in unison!

But when it was done...the cursing, not the magic...I got this!!

 ~Cottage Clipboards ~

Dollar Tree clipboard
Acrylic paint
Foam brush
Wrapping paper/decoration
Modge Podge
Clear spray paint

Step 1:  Paint one side of the clipboard.  (I did one side at a time.)  I painted it two or three times to get even color.

Step 2:  Cut out the decorations from your wrapping paper or whatever cleverer idea you have. 

Step 3: Play around with your design until you like it.  IMPORTANT: Take a picture so you don't forget how it goes when you go to glue it on.  (Yea.......)

In case you are like me and start a project without doing any reading or following any of the excellent tutorials out there.........don't glue it on with a glue stick and then Modge Podge wrapping paper......Cursing Incident #1.

It doesn't work like that.
On to.....

 Step 5: Spray the paper, especially thin wrapping paper, with the clear spray - on both sides   And, use smaller scissors cuz those big ones are dumb for small stuff.

Step 6:  THEN Modge Podge your decorations to your board.  Spread the Modge Podge over the painted area, and layer on your decoration.  Layering caused me much stress (Cursing Incident #2 - after this it's all good!!), but the camera also came in very handy for keeping track of which pieces to lay down first.

Step 7:  Give it about 15 minutes or until it's dry to the touch and Modge Podge over the top of the whole thing.  I did this 3 or 4 times.  And I was done!!!  Soooooooooo preeeettyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!  I lurve!

And now for a few notes on the whole deal.....

Notes:  On the Modge Podge bottle there are instructions for getting a smooth finish with fine sand paper and steel wool.  I didn't do this step and so I do have some slight brush stroke lines.  Very minimal.  However, I will do this again and will take the time to do this extra step.  I blame lack of planning and my lack of patience for putting this gorgeous clipboard into action!!

Easy and pretty!!!  

Like me!!

Wait.....did I say that outloud????


I really hope you like this as much as I do!!!!!

Now I will rule the world with style!!!

* * * * * * *

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  1. Great post, Laura! I'm surprised we didn't run into each other at Dollar Tree (Knott and Katella, right?). I spent a bit of time there getting stuff for my mom's memorial service - flower seeds and baskets and GLUE STICKS!

    The clipboard is beautiful. Regarding the Mod Podge finish - you could also do a textured thing with brush strokes all over.

    Theater sounds fun and intriguing...

  2. That is DARLING! So sharing on my fb page. You should try selling them! They are cute as heck!!

  3. Yes, you do rule! This is a really pretty clip board, it looks fairly easy to re-create too. Thanks for the inspiration, found you at Meet Me Monday.

  4. Beautiful idea Laura :) Love the blue you chose too xx

  5. Stopping by from the Link It Up Thursday Party!

  6. That's cute! I recently made some pretty clipboards too. Thanks for following my blog--I'm a new follower of yours too! Do you mind telling me where in Southern California you live? I grew up there and my parents still live there. Believe me, I now think it's exotic next to life in rural Iowa! LOL! Love your blog's name, by the way.

  7. How fun! I am love making ordinary things look pretty. Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.

  8. I am totally going to do this!!!