Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Lovely Day!

 My youngest nephew turned 15 the other day.
It is hard to believe that in 6 months he can be driving!
I remember him in the hospital...I remember him toddling around in a diaper!!

It all happens so fast!!

In honor of time passing I thought I would capture
the day in some pictures of things that I may too often take for granted.

Like this beautiful blue sky!

A bird on a wire.....

he had a friend there just before I snapped this.
Apparently I fiddle around too much!! :)

My nephew says I make the best chocolate chip cookies, so, you know, I had to make a batch just for him!!

I received an Amaryllis kit for Christmas.

I used to kind of ignore them or give them away.

It all seemed so complicated....bulbs and all that.

But one year I just gave it a try and I'm so glad I did!!

Now, these are my favorite of gifts!!!

Vibrant and so lovely!

Random chicken shot!

We let them out to roam during the day and often find them right outside the back door looking in!!

I just love them!  If you want a fun pet with a lot of personality, get a chicken.  No, get two because they need the company and are cute to watch!!

And, finally, the Birthday Lunch!!

What you see here is my nephew in the middle,  very hungry and a tad grumpy until the food came!! (yea, he's a teenage boy!! lol!!)
My Dad is on the right and my daughter on the far left and my niece next to her.

We try to do birthday lunches all together and it's so nice!

And that was just one of many lovely days around here!!

One another note......

I actually did something creative this week!!!
It was a lark, which is my usual plan of attack!!
I'll share very soon as I'm kinda excited about it!!
Here is a little preview!!  I love those colors!!!!

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  1. The amaryllis is gorgeous, as are the blue skies. The birthday lunch looks fun - was that a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant? Those are my favourite kind. Happy birthday to your nephew. Pretty soon you'll have grand-nieces and nephews. :)