Sunday, February 26, 2012

Unexpected Beauty

This rose grew in our garden.....isn't it remarkable?

We rent our home and there are a lot of rose bushes on the property.  I've never had roses before and I have a lot of fun waiting for blooms to open so I can sniff them!!  Some are quite bland while others have that true, strong rose scent I remember roses having when I was little.

This rose caught me by complete surprise!  It's on a bush right outside our front door and it took me a few passes to realize what I was seeing.

A half and half rose!!  That straight line on the bottom where it goes pink to purple is right in the middle of a petal!  And it went like that through the whole rose literally making half the rose pink and half purple.

I imagine the bush was grafted at some point in it's life, maybe?  

It brings to mind that while things may happen in our lives that are unexpected, if we embrace it true beauty can occur.

Happy Sunday!!


  1. It's gorgeous! What a treat =) Love your info section. I grew up in SoCal and I know JUST what you mean about living the small town life. So easy to get caught up in the who has what game. Up here in Oregon, we don't get much of that in our little town. It sure is not missed!

  2. Wow, it's beautiful. How nice to have roses 'round the house!