Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cute Bunny and Weird Egg Update!

I know and I totally apologize!!

It was mean of me to make you wait so long to find out what was in the tiny egg!!

In all candor, the tiny egg kind of freaked me out.

So, with that and the fact that nobody else seemed interested in it I had to get my nerve up.

And I did!!!

And it wasn't even bad at all!!!

It was just a teeny, tiny egg!!

I neglected to put something in for reference, but the leaf/rectangles are 7/8"...I just measured! 

We haven't seen another one so I guess it was just an off day.
When you realize chickens do every day what we do once a month, you feel for the girls!

What?  Was that TMI?  

Moving on!!

Yesterday was a rainy day here in southern California.  
And windy.
And cold!

But thinking that it was going to last a few days we let the bunnies out for exercise before it got too wet.
Well, we have one bunny, Ferb, who is quite quick and we didn't catch him in time.
So, he got to play in the rain!!

As a bonus he was treated to some grapevines that Ed trimmed!

Apparently rain doesn't deter a bunny from a good snack!!

* * *

Have a lovely day!!!

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  1. Wow, that's a small yolk. Adorable bunny. He doesn't mind the rain at all.

    I think we were actually warmer than you, one day this week. Very strange!