Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In the Nursery!

As I've said before I'm no farmer.
But my husband, he kinda is.
For the last 3 or 4 years anyway!
And boy has he learned a lot!
Gardening is a lot of work and there's so much to know!
But he's realized you can't cram it all into one season, and every year he learns something new that he incorporates into the next year.

This year he's trying to start his own seedlings...I think that's what it's called!
Usually we go to a nursery and pick out packs of already started things.

So, he started out small and started cilantro and lettuce in our kitchen.
That went well as you can see!!

So, with his trusty helper (Adam!) they got busy!

I'm calling it our Nursery!!

I hope to be able to show some sprouted seeds soon!!

* * *

Make your day beautiful!!


  1. Baby plants are so exciting. Good luck with the cilantro - sometimes transplanting it makes it go to seed very quickly. I love that stuff but have settled on buying it from the supermarket because it doesn't seem to last long in the garden.

    Fresh garden lettuce ... mmmmm.

  2. What a great Post. I actually make wheat-grass from sprouting wheat berries in my kitchen, first. When the wheat-grass is about 7" tall (I grow it in cafeteria trays on my kitchen counter), you cut it and juice it in a special wheat-grass juicer. It's superior nutrition! : )
    I loooooved seeing the cute little sewing kit in a jar!!! And the "throne" your cute dad helped you make it completely AWESOME!!!
    Thanks for stopping by this morning,
    Mary Lou

  3. The best bit about having a gardener in the house is that I get to come over all smug at OH MY GOD WHAT ARE WE HAVING FOR DINNER? moments.