Friday, June 22, 2012

Food - Out and In

We had another birthday this week!
This time it was my niece turning 19.
I remember the day she was born....and it feels so recent!
Mixed emotions on these birthdays the kiddos have!!

The birthday girl picked her current favorite place, Stacked.
I think I had heard of it before but didn't realize it was so local to us.
There are three locations and we are near the one on Cerritos.
What makes it interesting is that you place your order on an Ipad.
No wonder the youngin's like it so much!!

The atmosphere is lively and fun!
The "thing' here, other than the Ipad ordering, is that you can "stack" whatever you want on your salad, burger or mac & cheese (stacked mac!).  
Even dessert!
You can either start from scratch or modify something off the menu.
Don't go here if you are feeling....iffy!! 

I have to say that I was a little concerned that the place was all about the gimmick and the food would be just okay.  
But, I was happily wrong!!
The food was really, really good!!!
I hope we go back soon!!
1. Ipad ordering. 2. Wall decor. 3. Sign outside. 4. Inside facing the entrance (loved the colorful windows!) 5. (middle) The entrance and other side of the colorful windows!

And in gardening news!!
My delightful husband has cleverly solved my strawberry problem!!
You see, while I love homegrown strawberries, we never grew enough to really make it satisfying.
Going out to the garden and finding one ripe strawberry at a time was lame.
Solution: Plant more!!
So simple!!

And, so wonderful!!
He's a peach!!

Our grapes are back with gusto, too!!
I suspect we are not people who should have so many grapes.
These established vines of concord grapes (I'm pretty sure that's what these are because they taste like grape jam!) know what they are doing and we, sadly, do not.

This year I hope to figure it out.
They aren't really eating grapes....I mean, you can eat them, but they have seeds and while they taste like grape jam they also taste a bit like wine.
I truly have no problem with wine, believe me!!
I just don't think they are our preference when eating grapes.
I've heard the term "table grapes" before and I think we have here are not those!

I'm not a make-jam-and-save-it-for-later kind of girl but after that, what does one do with grapes?
I hope we can figure it out!! 
1. Our garden gate. 2. (below) Ripe strawberry. 3. (top right) Some grapes. 4. Strawberries planted with geraniums. 5. Sunflower.

~  *  ~

Have a lovely weekend!!


  1. What a gorgeous garden montage that is! Good luck with your grapes - I don't know what to do with them either. Press them for juice?

    The restaurant sounds fun.

  2. All this talk about food....and I haven't had dinner yet. Love your garden pictures and those strawberries look incredible.