Monday, June 25, 2012

I Found It!

Ever lose your momentum or mojo for a favorite hobby?
I sure did and it was so depressing!
I love to crochet and was so discouraged over the last few months as I just wasn't feeling motivated.
I knew I wanted to try something new and I knew I didn't want to make more scarves yet nothing was grabbing my attention.
I love granny squares and would gaze at beautiful blankets, cute sweaters, funky bags on the internet and still I wasn't finding that "it" project.
I would start things just to crochet but with no grand plan I had no staying power.
And then, I figured it out...I realized I needed paper!
I needed a book or two to sit with, turn pages and have on my lap as I worked with yarn.
As much I love technology, I love books more!

So I got on Amazon and did some soul searching.
I knew I wanted something on granny squares and I also wanted to learn some new stitches.
After reading reviews and going back and forth I procured these babies!!
"The Granny Square Book" is incredible!
So much creativity in one little book!
There are 75 patterns but you would swear there are twice that!
The color example pictures are perfect and the pattern is given in diagram and writing.
In the front are the usual basics and tips on joining.
And, in the back, are some neat projects.
I made one square with some scraps just to see one and decided I loved the colors so much I am making a pillow for the bed!   
It's hip to be a square!
I even learned to make a popcorn stitch!
I found this ironic.
Just a few days before the books arrived I was online and had found a cute flower to try.
It used a popcorn stitch and I gave up on it because "dropping" the last stitch and going back to the first one and joining them together was just too much!
"Dropping" is for knitting, I thought!!!
Ha, jokes on me!!
I learned it and I like it!!
It's getting there!!
I can't wait to be done and behold a pillow cover that I made!!! 
The sexy close up!!
As for the other book, Crochet Stitches, A Visual Encyclopedia, it is wonderfully full of crochet!
It also has color pics, diagrams and written directions.
I can't even explain it so I will let Amazon do it:

"This visual encyclopedia features step-by-step instructions for 300 gorgeous crochet stitch patterns, from basic stitches to cables, lace, textured stitches, mesh and filet crochet, fans and shells, clusters, puffs, bobbles, spike stitches, colorwork, and more. Each pattern is accompanied by a full-color photo and a chart. Every crocheter needs a book like this on her shelf—the content is timeless and will have a place next to the crochet hooks for many years to come."

I know, right??????

I am SO glad that I can crochet contentedly once again!!
Come to think of it, I bet my family is, too!!!

Do you lose your mojo?
How do you get it back?

~ * ~

Have a lovely day!!!!

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  1. I love the colors! Doesn't it feel good to get your mojo back? A little visual inspiration and some extra time is what it takes for me.

  2. Laura, those blocks are gorgeous! I've seen the Visual Crochet Encyc. but not the other one. Great buys.

    Usually just messing around with yarn and hook brings ideas to mind.