Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Intentionally Quiet Day

I don't know about you, but I am constantly around sound.
I readily admit to a radio addiction...talk or music, depending on the day and my mood!
I love radio because I can have it on, fill my ears (and mind) and still be moving.

My son likes to play video games and as our home is small and he plays in the living room, those sounds are sometimes added in.

But today I woke up and really noticed the birds outside the window.
It sounded so pretty and sweet I knew today had to be about listening to the sounds around me.
The natural sounds of my life, unfiltered and free!

I do this from time to time and yet, always forget how calming it is.
No radio sounds, very little game sounds.....ahhhhhh, so relaxing!!
And it's as if time moves a little slower.

So, what did I hear?
Lots of pretty bird songs, chickens cooing, my kiddos baking a cake, airplanes overhead (small ones only, the usual military landings we get living close to a base were conspicuously absent today) and then one of my favorite sounds - The Goodyear Blimp!! 

Ever since I was little the blimp has been a very exciting happening!
Night times were the best as it usually had a light show going on it's sides!
But, even in the day, that low, distinctive buzzing is enough to get me out of my seat and run outside to check it out!

It doesn't get out much anymore and we usually only see it during baseball season because we are in it's path from it's home to Angel Stadium.
Is it baseball season?
I don't know...
Maybe there was a game?

Anyway, because our home was so quiet I actually heard that familiar sound!!
I got myself outside and took a few photos.
The June gloom was still burning off so it's not a very clear shot.
I love it!!

And, the cake was yummy!!!

I hope by writing this I will remember to do this more and not fall into my usual habit of radio.
I feel so at peace here at the end of the day and I know it is because I was able to concentrate on my life going on around me.
Lovey sounds they are, too!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Do you have quiet days?
Or are you already wise to them and live that way??


  1. Oh my goodness, how we loved that blimp! It was always so exciting to drive up the 5 Freeway towards LA and see it tethered on its little landing pad too.

    The older I get, the less I have anything on. Although I love music, I love the silence more. My brain feels less cluttered when things are quiet. Exception to the rule: Saturday morning housework if I'm home alone. Then I love to play something rowdy so I can sing along (and no one will be forced to listen). :)

  2. Most of the time I don't have the stereo playing in my studio and it's never on in the house. I get so distracted at times when I'm listening to music, so it depends on what I'm doing up here. Yes, it's baseball season:-)