Thursday, June 7, 2012

It Was A Great Show!

1) Make-up and hair room, green room and quick change room. 2) Gandalf challenges crew to an epic battle (no magic allowed for a fair fight!) 3) Prayer and a few words before curtain. 4) Audience waiting for the house to open. 5) Bilbo's house. 6) Dwarfs dance and that's my daughter up in the air! 7) Dori, Ori, Nori, Fili and Kili (super fantastic girls!). 8) The strongest crew member I've ever had!  That barrel is real (not a prop), still smells like booze and was HEAVY! Yet, Alex could move things around like they were 5lbs!  9) Smaug, the dragon, made especially for us. 10) Gollum - amazing performance! 11)  Oh, the things we do, we're the backstage crew!  We had dry ice for the Gollum scene and it created a wet stage, so during that set change three girls went out and mopped up the stage.  12) Inside shot of the dragon during the show...there was a guy in there moving the head and working the mouth, the eyes were lit and I got to work the fog machine which made him look like he smoked!! :)

Ah, the bittersweet feeling of a show ending.
I'm very happy that six months of planning, always having it on my mind and worrying about the things producers worry about is over.
Well, almost over.
We still need to see the final bill from the theater!
But set building, painting and moving is Done!

Once again I am amazed at the talent and dedication of these young actors.
Truly, they never fail to give all of themselves to their parts and their energy and delight at being onstage is evident and fills the theater.

We kept hearing this was our best show ever and I have to say I agree.
Of course, I think that with every show!! 
But this show was pure fun from start to finish and that's always a crowd pleaser.
Our director's vision for this show was spot on and the dances, fight scene, dragon, and original music, that the director's son wrote...while he was Gollum and Smaug no less!....truly made this show shine!

And, as I oversee backstage crew I have to give a shout out to them!!
I'd be remiss not to say that they are the heroes of the show!!
We rely on an all-volunteer crew and they tend to be young people.  Nothing wrong with that except they don't have any experience working backstage.
Even if they acted with us previously, and that was the case this time with most of this crew, they have no idea how hard of a job it really is.
I usually worry that once they see the scope of the job they will say, "Never mind!"
But nobody did and I had, I think, the best crew ever!!
I had 3 guys and 4 girls most nights and they worked so hard!!
Heavy set pieces needing to be moved in mere minutes is a daunting task yet it was done and done well!
Remembering key props needing to be set, keeping the right back curtain -black or forest drop- for each scene, working around each other quietly as some move pieces off and others move pieces on...and doing it all IN THE DARK!!!!!
Next time you see a live show don't forget to give some of the applause to the crew - they deserve it!!

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. Congratulations on a successful show! I'm sorry I couldn't have seen it. (We're actually in town right now and leaving tomorrow - Friday - afternoon.) I thought of you when I made a quick trip to M&L Fabrics this morning. :)