Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wants v. Needs

I don't need these........

And while that is true of quite a few things I buy, I _really_ don't _need_ these.

However, if you define "need" as "if I don't buy them someone else will and really, will they love them as I do?"
Then, I suppose I do need them!!

The one I truly love is the one on the right with the neato backyard bbq theme.
Lobster, anyone?

My husband liked the VanGogh and the Pennsylvania tray I justified because one of my dads is from Pittsburgh.
Not that he wants or needs a metal tray with the state on it...but it made me feel better about buying it.

And yes, it's all about me!!
I'm glad we are all up to speed on that point!!

So, tell me!!
What do you buy at thrift stores that you don't need but just have to have???

~ * ~

Have a lovely day!!!!!!


  1. I think you needed all of them. I'd be safe to say that I don't need 95% of what I buy when I'm out treasure hunting, but I buy it anyway and treat myself to keeping things every so often. This is why I MUST resell; sometimes it's just so hard to not keep things for myself.

  2. Usually clothing. :)

    I'm not much of a knickknack collector or I'm sure I'd be up to my neck in lovely finds. I like that Pennsylvania tray.