Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Have Weird Rules

 So, I had told myself that I wouldn't write a post until I had finished the pillow I started in JUNE!!
I really like blogging so I thought that would be great motivation.
And it was!
Besides seeing the dang thing done I would get to share it, too!
Except, joining squares is not least as not as easy at I thought it would be.
As you can see from this first picture, they are joined and not very well.
But then I added the border and I was happy again!
I felt the border sorta took they eyes away from the gaping joins!!

Then, during one of my fabric store forays I found this pretty fabric in the remnants.
I only shop in the remnants department, btw!!
I didn't have this pillow in mind for it, but it worked out great!
I searched the web for an envelope pillow tutorial and found this:
I liked that she used one piece for the cover.
It was easy!!
I don't sew much at all so if I say it is easy, it truly is!! 
So I had the pretty fabric sewed into a cover!
Then it was time to attach the crocheted part.
(Back of the envelope pillow)
(I iron even less than I sew!!)

Sewing something to the top of an envelope pillow is foolishness!!
But hey, now I know and I'm telling you so you don't live my nightmare!!
For the future, I would use this envelope pillow tutorial that constructs the cover in 3 pieces like this:

But it is now finished and enjoying life in it's natural habitat!!


~ * ~

Have a lovely day!!!


  1. The other option would be to attach the crochet before sewing the side seams on the one-piece thingy. :)

    The crochet top looks great to me - and that fabric is stunning. Nice work!

  2. love it! i love how well the fabric remnant pairs with your color scheme. Funny how a few fabric remnants always "fall" into my cart when I go to the fabric store......... ;)