Friday, July 27, 2012

Point & Shoot as DSLR

I used to have a really great camera.
Well, I still have it, actually.
However, it's very sick and needs a check-up.
I would say that it's been like a doorstop for about a year.
Just, and I mean _just_ as I was learning more on how to take better pictures on it, it started doing odd sad.
It's a Canon Rebel with the lens it came, so sad!!
Truly, though, it's kinda sad that I waited so long to learn how to use it!!
It gave me 6 great years of service....and hopefully more when I get the chance to get it fixed!!

So, what's a girl to do when she see's beautiful photography all over the place taken with fancy cams?
She learns how to make do with her point and shoot, that's what she does!!

I have a Fuji Finepix F500EXR.
She's red and very pretty!!
I would say style over substance informed this decision.
What, I like red!!

I love the look of the blurry background.
Now, this camera comes with a setting for that buuuuutttttt it isn't consistent.
Or I'm using it improperly.

Either way.

But I was so excited to read this article the other day at Lil Blue Boo!!
I don't have a lot of flexibility on aperture, but I do have zoom!!
So, I got out my lil p & s and played around.

Here are a few of my very first shots....I'm kinda impressed with myself!! 
I didn't edit these at all except for the mark, cuz I know how popular my pics are!!

The two photos above were taken within minutes of each other.
I was using the zoom and focusing on the flowers and then on the suitcases.
I'm going to have to do this more because I don't really know why the light changed so much.
I really like them both, though!!

Then I went outside.
I wanted to try #2 from the article, Zoom and Distance.
It sort of worked with the grapes, but I couldn't find a good spot to really get any distance.
The roses, though!!
I'm so happy with how this turned out!!
I got exactly what I had hoped for!

~ * ~
I hope that I can learn more and more about creating pretty pictures without a fancy camera!
I'm sure it can be done, don't you?

Do you have a fancy camera?
Do you have a p & s?

Do you have tips to share??

~ * ~

Have a beautiful day!!


  1. Your photos are wonderful! Isn't it fun to play around with your camera? The best part is when you realize you've taken a pretty darn good picture. I wish I had more time to actually learn more about my camera...I seem to forget every time I think I have something figured out.

  2. I just have a little point and shoot. Sometimes it takes amazing photos; other times, not so much. I don't know what makes the difference - I just try to take several of each shot in the hopes that one will be good!

    I'm off to check out that article now. I could use a few tips myself. :)

  3. I can so relate to your post, Laura! I've been using my little Nikon Coolpix on my blog for many months. I have a Canon Rebel that I bought from my sister when she upgraded but I'm just now trying to figure out how to use it. I was trying yesterday but got frustrated so I went back to my P&S. They are so easy and dependable and I think do a fine job. Your pics are great. I love the suitcases!
    Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  4. I read somewhere that you can take a good photograph with anything....some amazing photos can even be taken with phone cameras. It's about having an eye for composition and emotion. It's about making a photo not taking a photo .It's not about having a fancy camera. Your talent is obvious. Love the rose xx

  5. Hi Laura! I really love the first one with the suitcases. I have a fancy camera (not really that fancy) a canon rebel and it was a learning curve form my sony cybershot... which I LOVED and miss. I learnt my lesson with that one- be careful taking pictures in the rain!

  6. What happened in your first pics was the auto exposure setting adjusted based on where you were focused: when you focused on the darker suitcases, the exposure adjusted to lighten *everything* in the frame. But, when you focused on the lighter, brighter flowers, the exposure adjusted downwards so now the suitcases appear almost in shadow. I do this often when I'm taking pictures, if I want a lighter, brighter, airier looking shot...I'll find something in the same "plane" of focus as the item I want to photograph, but that is darker in color. I aim my camera at that darker object to set the exposure, then quickly move to the item I actually want to shoot and snap the picture. I enjoyed your post very much and it motivates me to play with my point-and-shoot more instead of always relying on the fancy settings on my Canon. I think great pics taken with point-and-shoots shows more skill than using a fancy camera!