Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Merry Happy!!!

I thought I should check in before Winter turns to Spring!!

I've always felt that there's this vortex that can suck us in at Halloween and, if you aren't careful, it will spit you out in early January leaving you wondering, "Wait, what just happened??"

Fortunately, I've learned over the years to just sit back and enjoy the ride, but it really did take years!

I'm a slow learner!!

I've missed this!!

And it's been too long....and I'm lame.

I had a few projects in mind and then when they weren't working I felt I had nothing to say!!

So, I decided to go back to what I know - Crochet!

I made these for Christmas presents.

This is my Go-To scarf pattern.

It is so, so easy.

And so, so cute and I love the long, gentle twirls!

It's more of a decoration than anything practical.

I mean I wouldn't rely on it in the snow unless it was kinda long and I could wrap it a few times!!

But then I'm freezing when it drops below 70!

It's great because it's only 4 rows!!

Long rows, but it's nice and repetitive and no counting except for the chain and even that could just be eyeballed.

Want to make one?


Twirly Scarf

As for hook I usually use an I or J depending on the yarn.  If I go smaller for the yarn type I'll add in about 20 or 30 chains.  But be careful on that it makes for a looooooot of single crochets in the end!! 

Yarn notes:  I like soft (who doesn't right??) but with some structure because I like the twirl to have some body.  But having said that, a softer yarn does create a nice drapey twirl.

In the pictures above you'll notice the pink and light blue ones are more rufflley and the dark purple and cream ones are more twirly?  The first two are an acrylic and the second two are a wool and acrylic blend.  But both were equally soft so I really can't predict the outcome.  Truly, you really cannot mess this up no matter what yarn you choose, they all turn out pretty!!

Chain 180 (then put it around your neck to check length, this will be the short end as it will have about 4 to 6 inches added when it's finished due to the increases.)

Row 1 - 1 triple stitch in every chain, ending with two triples in the last chain stitch, chain 4.

Row 2 - 1 triple stitch into the top of first triple, then two triple stitches in the top of each triple, chain 5.

Row 3 - 1 triple stitch in top of first triple, chain one.  Repeat to the end and chain one.

Row 4 - two single crochet stitches into the chain spaces.

Finish off and sew ends into stitches.

I'm not the fastest crocheter and this takes me a several hours if I work straight through, which I never do.  I usually do the chain and first row one evening and then finish it the next day.


This is the first time I've shared this pattern out of my head, so if it's not clear please feel free to ask for clarification!!


I hope you like it!


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