Thursday, March 22, 2012

Recent Treasures!

If you are like me you like to see what people find at thrift stores and garage sales.
If you aren't like me, then you'll probably glaze over about now! :)

I find thrifting so exciting!!
To me it feels like I'm on a treasure hunt and finding even one thing that I just have to have is thrilling!!

I used to be rather.....indiscriminate, let's just say.
It was like I had to bring something matter what!
But then, we moved.
I saw the reality of that shopping mentality!

These days I'm rrrreeaaaalllllyyyy picky!!
Finding something that I really like at a price that I'll pay lends to the suspense every time!!
(I'd like to call it discerning, but I think cheap fits better!!)

My dear husband likes this New Me much better!!
I do, too, to tell the truth!
It makes the days that I find good things so sweet!!

Without further ado allow me to share my recent treasures!!

Even the chair!!
But the chair isn't recent...a $3 swap meet find that was a wreck!
My Dad and I did recently put it back together.

But the rest is from the past week!

I think the tea towels are my favorite!
I especially like the one on the bottom right.
Those three there are embroidered and are very pretty!!
But the one on the right is exceptionally nice!

Oh, and there's a butter dish missing because it's already being used!
I really needed one and it was .25!!
That's my kind of shopping!! :)

I expect the next month or so to be slow now!!
I'm never this lucky!!

* * *

What have you found lately?
I'd love to see!!

* * *

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cute Bunny and Weird Egg Update!

I know and I totally apologize!!

It was mean of me to make you wait so long to find out what was in the tiny egg!!

In all candor, the tiny egg kind of freaked me out.

So, with that and the fact that nobody else seemed interested in it I had to get my nerve up.

And I did!!!

And it wasn't even bad at all!!!

It was just a teeny, tiny egg!!

I neglected to put something in for reference, but the leaf/rectangles are 7/8"...I just measured! 

We haven't seen another one so I guess it was just an off day.
When you realize chickens do every day what we do once a month, you feel for the girls!

What?  Was that TMI?  

Moving on!!

Yesterday was a rainy day here in southern California.  
And windy.
And cold!

But thinking that it was going to last a few days we let the bunnies out for exercise before it got too wet.
Well, we have one bunny, Ferb, who is quite quick and we didn't catch him in time.
So, he got to play in the rain!!

As a bonus he was treated to some grapevines that Ed trimmed!

Apparently rain doesn't deter a bunny from a good snack!!

* * *

Have a lovely day!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In the Nursery!

As I've said before I'm no farmer.
But my husband, he kinda is.
For the last 3 or 4 years anyway!
And boy has he learned a lot!
Gardening is a lot of work and there's so much to know!
But he's realized you can't cram it all into one season, and every year he learns something new that he incorporates into the next year.

This year he's trying to start his own seedlings...I think that's what it's called!
Usually we go to a nursery and pick out packs of already started things.

So, he started out small and started cilantro and lettuce in our kitchen.
That went well as you can see!!

So, with his trusty helper (Adam!) they got busy!

I'm calling it our Nursery!!

I hope to be able to show some sprouted seeds soon!!

* * *

Make your day beautiful!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

PicMonkey Is Here!!!

I'll make this brief because I know you will want to go and play!!!

It's Picnik all over again!!!

But FREE!!!!!!!!

K, gotta go play more!!!

* * *

Have fun!!! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mason Jar Sewing Kit from Mom 4 Real!!

I'm going to be honest and admit that I didn't get the whole linky party thing when I first started reading crafting blogs.

First off the word "linky"....what is that?  Was it a real thing or cute-ifying the word link?
I didn't know, felt silly asking so I just averted my eyes to the mention of them lol!!

And I just went on avoiding them for quite a while until.....until the truth was revealed and I Got It!!!

Yea, dork here!! LOL!!!

Obviously I've learned not only what they are but how FANTASTIC they are!!

And not only do I find neat-o projects I find neat-o bloggers!

The point of my embarrassing revelation is.....

Look What I Made!!!

Jessica at...

...shared her creation at a linky party and it was perfect timing!!

Isn't this adorable and fantastic??  It's not only cute it's functional....I love it!!

The timing couldn't have been better.....last weekend my husband needed to sew a button he could find a needle and thread but didn't know where or if we had buttons!!  I was out of the house that day and wasn't around to help him....poor guy!!
I told him later I have buttons but admitted that they were definitely not handy!!
So this was in the back of my mind as I was checking out a party (which one I do not remember!! ack!!)...and saw Jessica's fabulous project!!
I knew right then that I HAD to make one!!
I had all the supplies which was lovely and so I got to work and made this.....

I love the pink but an not a fan of that blue and I'm just fussy enough to want to make this cuter!! lol!!!
So, I will be changing out the scissors and seam ripper at some point!! :)

The pink object inside is a little strip of felt with some needles and safety pins that I pinned on it and rolled it up.  And the white lid right behind is.....buttons!!!  I went through what we have and found an assortment of sizes and colors that I think will make my guy happy!!  Then I filled it with thread in colors I think are most useful to us.

Don't you want one now, too?  Wouldn't this be a great Christmas present?  
If you make one let me know!

This has made me think this week about the internet and blogging and how we can live thousands of miles from someone but it's like we are neighbors sharing our tips over the back fence!! 

Oooohhhhh!!  So Mayberry!!!

Have a beautiful day!!

* * * 

you are talking too much 

It's Overflowing's Sunday Party!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm no farmer.

I leave that to my guy who seems to love dirt...I mean soil!!...planting, cultivating and chickens.

Yes, here in Anaheim, California we have two chickens.

We've had them for about a year.

I would highly recommend backyard chickens to anyone.

They are silly and quite personable.

And, you get eggs!

Up until today we've gotten pretty normal eggs from our two girls.

But, look at what one of them delivered today!

That's a ping pong ball on the left for reference.


We'll crack it when Ed gets home.

I'm predicting just yolk....what do you think??

* * * * *

Have a beautiful day!

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Throne Fit For An Elven Queen!

I'm seriously thinking of keeping this piece in my home when the play is over!!

I'm going to love painting and upholstering this...and I know nothing about upholstering anything!!

I love it and it's not even finished!!

With a throne AND my clipboard.....well, ruling the world just doesn't seem optional!!

But back to earth......

So, Saturday my Dad and I built  this.....

It's the throne for the Elven Queen in The Hobbit.

It is amazing to me what can be built with wood and skill.

I have neither....I'm so happy my Dad does and let's me help!

We started with two 4x4s and other wood odds and ends in my Dad's workshop...

He just got done building the set for my niece's high school musical and was able to salvage a few pieces for us.
Yay for free!!

We got started we have some legs and seat supports...

which when attached made for a good start!

It's so fun when it start's to take shape!

Check out all those drivers!!

Quick sidenote: 
This is most of the power drivers my Dad has in his workshop.
Rather than changing between drills and drivers he keeps enough on hand to be able to hold what he needs!
Yea, he's s smartie!!
(He actually is...his innovations around their house amaze me!!)

There he is!!

Oooohhh, now that's a chair!!
It just can't be called it a throne yet!

To be a throne it at least needs a seat so he looked into his stash of wood for the right piece, zipped it through the saw and we had a seat!

Then the fun began with design details!!

A bit more cutting, measuring, figuring angles and voila!!

That's no chair, that's a throne!!

And yes, he is the master of all he surveys...unless my Mom is around!!

But, a throne needs royal should have dangling arms!

My Dad showed me how to use his jig saw...I'm pretty sure that's what he told me it's called!

Using this neato, rotating, going-up-and-down sander I can shape arms....well, I can do one only because matching them up is beyond me.

(It's theater, the audience is way far away...nobody will notice!!)  (whew!!)

That's me!

After the arms were attached nicely, my Dad found the red finials in his stash, we affixed them and we have...
The Throne!!!

Check out the concept drawing and the real deal....not bad, huh???
(That detail piece may or may not come later, btw.)

I truly had a great day building with my Dad!!

* * * * * 

Yea, my Dad.....he's pretty awesome!!!

* * * * * 

Have a super day!!